About Me

When I’m not in class studying to become a journalist, I am oftentimes fangirling over TV shows and books. I am a transfer student and am a junior. I am a contributing writer for Hollywood News Source where I have interviewed a few actors and reported at a couple conventions. I also write for Talk Nerdy With Us, writing about the entertainment world and talking with actors on the phone. I  write on North Central College’s student newspaper as a forum writer too. I am a coffee addict and can’t function without it. I’m also a Once Upon a Time enthusiast. My life literally revolves around writing about pop culture.

My dream is to move to California and work in journalism there. And to also star in a Hallmark holiday movie because those are the best. (I know, it’s a little far-fetched!) Overall, I am a fangirl who can talk about fictional characters from my favorite books and TV shows forever. Which I often do!

My blog is dedicated to writing about an array of female or male fictional characters who are strong, independent, witty and etc. Disclosure: Emma Swan is my favorite fictional character ever… which you’ll soon find out.

Image result for badass fictional characters emma swan


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