Be Brave: Tris Prior

Another character that I loved during my high school years was Tris Prior from the Divergent series. That was until Veronica Roth decided to kill her off in the last book of the series. It’s been three years, and I am still not over it. Just throwing this out there, the books were better than the movies. Despite the heart-wrenching ending, Tris Prior was a young woman who was brave until the end.

She didn’t let anyone define her:Image result for tris prior gifs

One of the bravest things you can do in life is to not conform to society. In this book series, you were very much expected to act a certain way and to do what your parents wanted you to do. However, Tris wanted to make her own decisions. She didn’t want anyone telling her who she was. I admired that because as a high schooler, you were expected to dress a certain way and to act a certain way. But I never wanted to blend into the crowd; I wanted to be myself. Of course I always did what was safe, so I blended in. Though, looking back, I wish I had taken a page from Tris’s book.

She never gave up:Image result for tris prior fight gifs

Tris had some serious girl power. During her transition period in Dauntless compound, there were times when she could have given up. But she didn’t. She got knocked down (literally), but got right back up. She was portrayed as a fragile girl, but that didn’t stop her from giving up so easily. She fought until she succeeded.

She took risks:Image result for tris prior jumps off train gifs

Tris left her family in Abnegation to go to Dauntless. She knew that there would be some falling out, but she knew she had to take this risk. Throughout the series, she continued to take risks even though some of them were deadly. For example, her death resulted from a big risk. However, she was taking the risk for the betterment of everybody. She was putting others before herself.

She was a loyal friend: Image result for tris prior gifs

Being a loyal friend is such a strong attribute. There’s nothing worse than a friend who isn’t loyal to you. In fact, I think not being a loyal friend is very weak. Even when Tris screwed up, she went to her friends. Sometimes her mistakes costed her a friendship, but she did it for their benefits. She would never let them down and would march into any battle for those she cared about.

As I stated before, still bitter that she was killed off. What kind of person kills off a main character? Anyway, Tris Prior was an inspiration for girls and young women. She was confident, willing to take risk and caring. I remembered reading this book when I was 15 and thinking how brave she was. Of course I didn’t live in war-torn Chicago, so I couldn’t relate. However, I could relate to her choice to take risks and to think about others before herself. These are qualities that a strong fictional character should always possess.


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