Sorta, Kinda Dead: Olivia Moore

It only took me three months to binge watch 2 season of iZombie, but I did it! (I’m a really slow binge watcher…) I was not expecting to find a strong character in this show. However, Olivia Moore surprised me. While she may be a zombie, she still manages to be a force to be reckoned with. Technically, she’s not dead; she’s just undead…

She has some serious girl power:Image result for olivia moore gifs

Liv is not a girl who stands idly by while a man does the butt kicking. No, she does it herself and makes it known that she’s just a girl but can handle anything. She’s strong in the sense that she knows that she doesn’t need a man to save her. Women are just as strong! This sends a great message to young women who watch the show.

She always looks out for her friends:Image result for olivia moore and clive gifs

When Liv turned into a zombie, she distanced herself from her friends as to not hurt them. Although, that proved to be difficult for her. Once she realized that she couldn’t handle her new life as a zombie without her friends, she confessed to them what she was. By doing this, she actually ended up saving her friends. It was hard to admit, but her loyalty ultimately outweighed her fear of what they would think of her.

She never gives up and uses her zombism for good:Image result for olivia moore police gifs

Liv could have succumbed to murder like the rest of the zombies in Seattle, but she knew that wasn’t an option for her. She wanted to use her zombism for good. (I know, zombism isn’t a word) While the rest of the zombies kill innocent people for their brains, Liv eats the brains of already dead people to help solve their murders. This show is gross, I will admit…Not sure why I watch it! She works in a morgue and with the help of Clive, head of police investigation, Liv is able to catch the murderers of those whose brains she eats.

She’s vulnerable:Image result for olivia moore and clive gifs

I have heard people say that being vulnerable makes you weak. I laugh at that. Being vulnerable shows strength. Liv is vulnerable, but it only makes her stronger. She’s able to express her feelings and it helps her get through tough situations. There are times when I am vulnerable, and in some situations, it benefits me. Never tell anyone that being vulnerable makes them weak because you would be wrong.

She’s super awkward: Image result for olivia moore gifs

Okay, this is my favorite aspect about her. Liv isn’t the smoothest character ever. Embracing awkwardness is the strongest character trait ever. Always be yourself and disregard the judgment! It took me some time to embrace my awkwardness, but once I did, it just made me feel…more real!

Yes, Liv is an undead character. However, her ability to never give up is what makes her strong. She could have chosen to kill herself like other zombies, but instead she uses it to her advantage. Liv helps people who can’t help themselves and brings people to justice. That is what I call a strong character!


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