His Infinity: Augustus Waters

Okay…I will probably ugly cry while writing this post because if you’ve read or watched The Fault in Our Stars, you will understand. Trying not to focus on the heart-wrenching moments, I will talk about the good moments. The moments that make Augustus Waters a strong and inspirational character. Let’s see what I can remember since I didn’t reread the book and haven’t watched the movie in ages. (It’s just too depressing)

His optimism and courage: Image result for augustus waters optimism gifs

Augustus knew he didn’t have much time to live. Nonetheless, he never gave into his impending death sentence. Instead he chose to live his life without fear. He was the most optimistic character I have ever read about. Augustus isn’t strong in a I-can-lift-weights kind of way. No, he’s strong in the sense that he remained positive through the roughest of times. It makes me feel silly about how down I get about such mundane things.

His way with words:Image result for augustus waters gifs

In my opinion, having a way with words is such a strength. This definitely does not apply to me as I am a professional in word vomit and awkwardness. Augustus, however, is a guy with an exceptional vocabulary and a way with words. Every time he spoke, I was in utter awe at his words. He definitely did not sound like the typical 18-year-old guy.

His ability to keep living life to the fullest:Image result for augustus waters gifs

This kind of ties into his optimism and courage, but I’m going to make it a separate entity because it is one. Because he had optimism and courage, Augustus was able to conquer anything he wanted. He was adventurous and knew that he had to take advantage of the short time he had left. So he chose to fall in love; he chose to go to Amsterdam for a spontaneous trip; he chose to live.

His willingness to try new things:Image result for augustus waters on the plane gifs

Trying new things can be a challenge. For Augustus, he was always willing to try something new even though it completely freaked him out. Take the flight to Amsterdam for example. He had never flown before and was having a panic attack over it. Yet, he still got on the plane and conquered his fear. He never stopped trying new things. This is something I need to remind myself when I board my first plane to San Diego next summer.(yikes!)

Thankfully I turned on Christmas music to get me through this post without crying my eyes out. Augustus Waters is a prime example of a strong character who never let his illness beat him. Up until his death, he never stopped living or believing in the possibility of infinity. Because of Augustus Waters, he gave strength and hope to those who are suffering from an illness.



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