Charming Suits You: David Nolan (Prince Charming)

I have realized I don’t watch as many movies or TV shows as I thought I did, so here’s another character from Once Upon a Time. David Nolan, otherwise knows as Prince Charming, is an underrated but strong character. He’s a father, a husband, a prince and a sheriff who plays all roles very well. He’s also had some good quotes which I’ve never really realized before. Here are the reasons in which I believe David is a strong character:

He supports his family and friends even if he doesn’t like it:hahaha.gif

Charming is able to support his family and friends in their decisions even if he doesn’t like it. He knows that it will make them happy, so he accepts it. Especially with his daughter Emma. As much as he hated Hook, he knows that he makes his daughter happy. He might not be crazy with Hook and Emma moving in together, but he’ll support the decision anyway. Sure he complains a bit about it; he’s human. I give him credit though. If I don’t support a decision my friends or family makes, I make it VERY clear. (Whoops?)

He’s fluent in sarcasm:Image result for prince charming once upon a time sword fighting gifs

No, I will never tire about writing about a character’s sass. Sorry. Charming is usually a pretty calm man, but he does have an edge to him. Nobody can be nice and perfect all the time. That’s just no realistic. I do thoroughly agree with the above statement. Why did they sell ice in Arendelle?

He knows how to wield a sword like a pro:Image result for prince charming kills hook gifs

Charming definitely has physical strength. He can wield a sword like nobody’s business to protect his kingdom and those he loves. I guess as a prince, being handy with a sword is a rule. Probably. As viewers have seen on the show, he also throws a good punch. Point is, going up against Charming might prove to be challenging.

He’s a romantic:Image result for prince charming kills hook gifs

A man so expressing of love is a strong man. Not many guys, at least college-aged guys, are open about their feelings. Charming has no problem laying it out in the open for those he loves. He loved Snow White even though she was a bandit. He’s a hopeless romantic. Nonetheless, he believed in the power of true love and fought for it. He didn’t give up when things didn’t go well. As he mentions in the quote above, love isn’t easy and it has to be fought for. Do you hear that, men of the world?!

He’s protective when it comes to his daughter:protective-charming

Charming is literally the textbook definition of a protective dad. When it comes to Emma, he ensures that she is protected and in no harms. Even if they are kind of the same age. (Honestly this show is just weird) When it comes to Hook, Charming upped his protectiveness to make sure Hook didn’t hurt Emma. When Hook picks up Emma on their first date, Charming expresses his concerns after Hook tells him, “your daughter couldn’t be in better hands.” To which Charming promptly told him that’s what he was worried about. But that’s all water under the bridge now. He even pulled out the “do you need me to drive?” dad-card. Yikes. I’m just forever grateful my dad was cool when I went on my first date!

What makes Charming strong isn’t just the ability to knock out bad guys, but it’s his protective nature and care for his family and friends. Some inner qualities are sometimes stronger than outer qualities. For Charming, this rings 100 percent true.






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