Conquering the Real World: Rachel Green

Rachel Green’s character has been the strongest character development on any sitcom. She went from a spoiled trust fund baby to an adult conquering the real world. As expected, her transition into the real world wasn’t too smooth, but she kept going. Rachel could have given up multiple times, but she didn’t have the choice nor did she want to. I think everyone can learn something from Rachel Green. (Also Friends is the best show like ever!)

She turned her whole life around: Image result for rachel green gifsRachel called off her wedding knowing that she would be alone and on her own. However, she managed to do it. Sure, it was a bit difficult for her since she never had a job in her life, but somehow, she was able to get a job and get a place to live all on her own. Well, with the help of her former high school friend Monica. With the help of her friends, Rachel was able to go from a spoiled rich girl who was waited on hand in foot, to a woman who joined the work force serving others. (She hated serving people coffee, but she still did it.)

She cares deeply for her friends:Image result for rachel, monica, phoebe gifs

The show is called Friends after all. One of the things I admire most about Rachel is how much she cares about her friends. She’s loyal and would do anything for them. Rachel was there for her friends when they needed her the most. And them for her. I need a friends group like that. My friends and I have tried to categorize each other into who was who in the friends group, and I was always labeled as Ross. So it’s safe to say I need a new friend group so I can be Rachel instead! (Ugh, Ross.)

She follows after her dreams: Image result for rachel green gifsThe last thing Rachel wanted to do was serve coffee for the rest of her life. With minimum work experience, she didn’t know how she would ever be able to land her dream job. Despite her lack of experience, she managed to score a job in fashion. She started working at Bloomingdales until she eventually ended up working at Ralph Lauren. By the time the series ended, she was being offered jobs by the highest end fashion companies in Europe. It just goes to show how far someone can go when they don’t give up on their dream. Watching Rachel has made me less fearful about chasing my dream. Every time I thought my dream would be too impossible, I thought of Rachel. It might seem silly, but it helped me!

She’s confident in the best way possible:Image result for rachel green gifs

What I wouldn’t give for some of Rachel’s confidence. She knows she’s got it and she flaunts it. Oftentimes her confidence can seem arrogant, but it never wavers. Rachel embraces it and uses it to her advantage.

She follows her heart:Image result for rachel green 'i love ross' gifsOkay, so I may not be a big fan of Ross and Rachel, but I love that Rachel followed her heart. In the beginning of the series, she knew she had feelings for Ross. They started dating shortly after. As the years drew on, her feelings for him wavered. Then she realized she wouldn’t be able to live without him. Rachel gave up her ultimate dream job for love. While I hated their relationship, I think it’s very strong to give up everything for love.


While Rachel might not wear a cape (more like an apron) ], her strength is a bit more conventional. I guess one might say she’s a modern day superhero. She was a woman who didn’t know how to function in the real world. Then she managed to succeed fully at life.




6 thoughts on “Conquering the Real World: Rachel Green

  1. Also. I love love love this post. I am so obsessed with Friends. Rachel is such a good example of a strong fictional character. I really didn’t think about her as one until you pointed out that she completely 180-ed her life. She has her moments, but I definitely agree with you!

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