A Broken Hero: Peeta Mellark

If there is one thing you need to know about me it is that I was a huge fangirl when it came to Peeta Mellark in high school. Okay, up until my sophomore year of college when the last movie premiered a year ago. (Still sad that The Hunger Games franchise is over) My room at home was adorned with Peeta Mellark posters. Let it be known that my dorm is not; I’ve cooled down significantly. Kind of. You may be thinking ‘wow…she was a crazy fangirl’, and that’s true. However, I do have my reasons as to why I loved Peeta and here are the reasons why:

His love for Katniss:Image result for peeta loves katniss gifs

This is one of the main reasons why I believe Peeta is a strong character. It may be because I am a hopeless romantic and I loved how he never gave up on Katniss. She was so non-receptive to his admiration. I would even go as far as to say she was cold towards him. Nonetheless, whenever Katniss needed a shoulder to cry on, he was there for her. He was always there for her. It was evident how much he truly cared and loved for her. Thankfully, Katniss realized Peeta was the one person she could never live without. Peeta could have ignored his feelings at her lack of interest, but he chose to believe that eventually, he would win her heart.

His strength:Image result for peeta strength gifs

Peeta is physically strong. I guess lifting those bags of flour at his parent’s bakery paid off. My favorite scene in the book (and movie) was when the big, bad tough tributes were mocking him and then he threw the boulder across the room. He sure showed them.

His creativeness and passion:Image result for peeta painting gifs

There aren’t many guys (at least none I know) who are as creative or passionate as Peeta. Literally, some of the things he said to Katniss or about Katniss made me swoon. He was sensitive, but not in an non-masculine kind of way. He expressed his feelings through painting. I view the characteristic of creativity and passion strong because some people are too afraid to show the ways in which they shine and care. Personally, before I entered college, nobody really knew that I loved to write. I was passionate about it, but I always thought I would be judged or that I wasn’t good enough. Peeta never considered that; he did what he loved regardless.

His tenderness to those he hardly knows:Image result for peeta mellark helps the morphling gifs

The scene that really sticks out to me the most is the one illustrated in the graphic above. The Morphling, a tribute in the games, risked her life to save Peeta. Peeta’s response was to calm her before she met her end. He brought her into the water and talked to her in a calming voice about the colors of the sky. It was a sweet scene because Peeta hardly knew the Morphling, but what makes Peeta a strong character is his ability to care for anybody. He has a heart of gold.

His ability to overcome being abused:Image result for peeta mellark gifs

Another thing I will not forgive Suzanne Collins for is having Peeta tortured (hijacked) by the Capitol. He was so badly abused and brainwashed that by Mockingjay, he was no longer the Peeta Mellark readers knew. He was broken. However, despite not knowing who he was for some time, he overcame the Capitol’s mind control. By the end of the series, he slowly became himself again. He wasn’t the same, but he was closer to who he was before being hijacked. Katniss and him also were married and had children by the end, so everything worked out. If you haven’t seen the movie, that was a really emotional scene…at least for me!

While my fictional admiration for Peeta Mellark has cooled down, he will always be one of my favorite characters. I’ll admit, he was what basic girls like to call ‘boyfriend goals’ or whatever. He’s a character who was broken, but managed to still be as strong as he could for those he loves. Josh Hutcherson was pretty cute as Peeta too, so that made Peeta even better!


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