More Than a Pretty Face: Finnick Odair

Sigh…I am still slightly bitter with how Finnick Odair’s stroy came to end. When I first read The Hunger Games, Finnick’s character never appealed to me. Then I watched the movies and I fell in love with him. It’s not that I hated his character in the book, it’s just that readers didn’t really get the whole Finnick charm like in the movie. Finnick Odair is one of the strongest characters in the series and I will never forgive Suzanne Collins for what she did to him. (Suzanne Collins is still a literary genius though) The reasons why I believe Finnick Odair is a strong character are as followed:

His ability to keep smiling even though his life wasn’t all smooth sailing:Image result for finnick odair gifs

Finnick Odair won the Hunger Games when he was only 14. He suffered through the PTSD that came along with witnessing such events like he did in the games. However, he chose to embrace the life he was given. He could have died at a young age, but he survived. He was used as the Capitols piece, but his smile never wavered. He could have succumbed to madness, to depression, but he was strong enough to know that it wasn’t an option for him.

His love for Annie Cresta:Image result for finnick odair gifs

Annie Cresta was a madwoman. She was branded as one throughout Panem, but Finnick never cared. He only saw the woman he loved and continued to love her. He didn’t care that the Annie he once knew was gone. His love for her was real. Never once did he give up on her. Finnick stuck by her side through the roughest of times.

His loyalty to Peeta and Katniss:Image result for finnick saves peeta gifs

The Hunger Games is a battle to the death. In order to win, you have to be willing to kill others. Finnick was loyal to Peeta and Katniss even though he knew he might die to save them. He was willing to for his friends. The scene that sticks out to me the most is during Mockingjay Part 2. Peeta was still hijacked thanks to the Capitol’s abuse and mind control of him. Finnick never left Peeta’s side and consoled him when Peeta felt like he was losing. Finnick continually put others before himself. Loyalty is such an important character trait and it’s the strongest trait that Finnick possessed.

His charm and arrogance:Image result for finnick odair mockingjay gifs

The talk of sass is back! Finnick’s charm was the one way he managed to make it through life. He used it to overcome what he experienced in the games. He had no problem strutting his stuff. (I mean if you look like that, go right ahead)

His courage and bravery: Image result for finnick odair mutts gifs

Finnick’s death says it all. He told his friends to go ahead of him as he tried to fight off the lizard mutants in the sewer. If he didn’t have courage, he would have left his friends to fend for themselves. But he didn’t. If you saw the movie, you know how creepy those lizard mutts were; it takes a lot of courage and bravery to try to fight those off. I would have pushed everyone aside and gotten the heck out of there. (If my reaction in the theater was any indication of my lack of bravery… I may have accidentally hit my friend I was so scared) His bravery and courage ultimately got him killed by those awful lizard mutts, but he didn’t think of the consequences. He just knew it was the right thing to do. He even had the courage to enter the Hunger Games again to save Annie from having to go back into the games. These reasons are the reasons I am so bitter that Finnick was killed off.

Overall, Finnick Odair is one of the strongest characters in any book or movie I have ever read of watched. I cannot reiterate enough how salty I am he died. His character development was wonderful. Ugh, now I want to rewatch those depressing movies.



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