Long Live the Queen: Regina Mills

“I’m a queen and bit more refined.” Regina Mills may have been the Evil Queen that a whole village once feared, but now she’s a reformed woman. From her snark, to her redemption, to her strength, to her love, Regina is a character that has been carefully developed through the last five seasons of Once Upon a Time. She was literally pure evil during season one. (Off the record: I liked her more when she was evil…)

She demands respect:Image result for regina mills sassy gifs

Regina is a bit edgy, but she will not tolerate people walking all over her. She demands the respect she believes she deserves. Yes, she can be a little uptight about it, but she is not about to let someone degrade her because she’s a woman. It also helps that her status as queen comes with the fear of always respecting her. Otherwise she’ll just insult you if you don’t show some respect. Not that I blame her; there’s nothing more annoying when someone disrespects you.

She has enough snark to put the sassiest person to shame:Image result for regina mills gifs

Ah surprise! The topic of sass is back. I’m not going to apologize for this because well, I like the sass. She’s one of the only characters in the show who can be sassy without it being overkill. Maybe it’s the way the actress, Lana Parrilla, delivers it. However, Regina’s sass is what makes her strong. People tend to react to her when she’s sassy to them. Hmmm…can’t say that works for myself. Otherwise people would learn to listen to me more often.

She has a big heart for those she loves:Image result for regina mills and henry gifs

Even when Regina was evil in season 1 and most of season 2, she still loved deeply for her adopted son Henry. I can see why she was so evil to Emma back in season 1 because she thought she was going to steal her son from her. Beneath her blackened heart, when it came to Henry, she was the sweetest person ever. Until she ripped someone’s heart out a scene later. Nonetheless, she would do anything to make sure her loved ones are safe. As the series goes on, Regina is still learning to be a hero instead of a villain. With each season, her love and protectiveness for Henry and his family is even more evident. She’s even learned not to hate Emma. Although, I feel like she still has some warming up to do with Hook…That’ll just take some time for her.

She has had some great character development:Image result for evil queen regina gifs

As I stated before, Regina was insanely evil in the beginning of the series. I am talking about ripping hearts out, murdering whole villages kind of evil. She was the fear of everyone in the Enchanted Forest and later, Storybrooke. Then a miracle happened and Regina lost her evilness. Well, she lost most of it. Of course there are still moments when her Evil Queen comes out to play. Now in season 6, Regina has ripped the Evil Queen out of her, so she’s pure good now. Not going to lie, I kind of miss the days when Regina was a little bit evil. She was crazy, but I have always had a soft side for villains in stories. Despite that, I like how her character did a complete 360 so she could become someone she was proud of. This is why she’s such a strong character because she was able to turn herself around.

She is strong and knows it:Image result for regina mills strong gifs

Regina can probably kick anyone’s butt with or without her magic. She’s fierce and hates when people doubt her strength. Not just her physical strength, but her emotional strength. Regina has suffered a lot. Her mother killed her first love and she recently lost her true love (you suck, Hades). Yes, she did become an Evil Queen after her mother killed her first love. When Hades killed her true love, Robin Hood, Regina didn’t revert back into the Evil Queen. (Unless you count the comment she said to Emma about wanting to rip Hook’s throat out for returning from the dead) Okay, so maybe a former evil queen can’t be 100 percent good…it was a lapse. She used her emotional strength to surround herself with those who she loves and she conquered the pain. We all know how painful it is to lose someone you love.

As you can see, Regina isn’t the typical hero we see in capes. She had a lot of redemption she had to go through to become a strong character. Everyone deserves second chances though!


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