Awkwardness is Contagious: Sue Heck

Once again, Sue Heck from The Middle isn’t your typical tough fictional character. She’s an awkward, quirky and determined middle child, who I not only relate to, but consider one of the best characters on television. No, she doesn’t punch bad guys in the face, but she is a misunderstood young woman who knows what it’s like to prove people wrong and overcome obstacles. My reasons why Sue Heck is a fantastic fictional character are as followed:

She NEVER gives upImage result for the middle gifs

Coming up on the eighth season of the show, viewers have watched Sue Heck fail and fail and fail. However, her failure pushes her to get back up. She doesn’t give up on a task simply because she doesn’t succeed. No, she does it again. And again. Then she moves on and tries something else. If I had that kind of confidence, I would have done more activities in high school, but I was always scared of failure. Aren’t we all? Not Sue Heck. She views failure as a reason to keep pursuing what she wants. Everyone needs to take a page from her handbook and stop giving up when the going gets tough.

She embraces her quirkiness and weirdnessImage result for sue heck gifs

Sue Heck is probably the quirkiest and oddest character I have ever watched on T.V. I love it. There are often characters on T.V. that are written to be perfect. That’s just not reality. Sue embodies an every day girl which is why I like her character so much. She’s not perfect and she doesn’t try to be anyone she isn’t. Her openness of her quirkiness and weirdness almost makes me want to embrace my quirky side more. Almost. The world may not be ready for that quite yet. As a college student, Sue doesn’t try to fit in. She dances to the beat of her own drum and is fully aware that she doesn’t fit in. I’ve always been one to venture away from ‘being basic’ and to just be myself, but sometimes that becomes difficult with the pressure of society. With Sue, she just doesn’t care what society thinks about her. Her confidence in accepting who she is motivates me to do that more often!

She is always trying new thingsImage result for sue heck quote gifs

As I mentioned before, Sue is constantly failing. Yet, she is always eager to learn more and do more. In all seven seasons, I have watched as Sue has tried things that not every teenage girl would try. For example, creating a cheer team for the wrestlers. She is always open to doing new things and exploring what life has to offer. Sue Heck literally lives by the motto of carpe diem.

She’s fiercely loyal and caringImage result for sue heck positive gifs

Being loyal and caring is such an important quality to have. If Sue were real, I would want her to be my best friend. She’s caring and loyal to her friends and family. Even when she’s down, she tries to cheer others up.  It doesn’t matter that she may be hurting because she wants to make sure everyone else is happy. Although, they often pretend they don’t need her support. She’s there for her family and even for random people she meets. I love how the show portrays a college student who isn’t just into herself. It’s refreshing.

She remains positiveImage result for sue heck gifs

Any other person who fails so many times would probably want to crawl in a ball and cry. Not Sue. In fact, she remains positive. She knows that maybe she has to wait for something to come along in her life. Let’s not forget her dorm room wall adorned with positive posters and quotes. Of course how can we forget her locker of positivity? Remaining positive through tough situations is difficult, but Sue makes it seem so easy. It’s reasons such as this as to why she’s a strong fictional character. Not many people are willing to get back up after falling so many times.

Bonus reason: she’s a middle childImage result for sue heck falling gifs

I mentioned before that I can relate to Sue. In fact, my family oftentimes refers to me as Sue Heck. Sue is the middle child who suffers from extreme middle child syndrome. She could be the poster child for stereotypical middle child. I can definitely relate to that! Besides that, she’s real! Sue perfectly demonstrates what it’s like to be a middle child. I think it must be a thing that all middle children are awkward… It’s fun watching a character who is a mirror image of you. Of course, I don’t think I am that weird…And probably not that positive!



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