A Villain’s Quest to Heroism: Killian Jones (Captain Hook)

I am not talking about the Captain Hook we all know and…love (?)  I am referring to Killian Jones aka Captain Hook on Once Upon a Time. The much more attractive and British version of Captain Hook. A villain turned hero, Killian Jones is a man who faced internal and external struggles to become the man he is today. I apologize in advance for the fangirling about to ensue, but Hook is my favorite male fictional character. It may be weird that my favorite fictional character is a murderous pirate, but he goes through a lot of character development! Here are the reasons as to why Killian Jones is a great fictional character:

He admits that he’s flawed and made mistakesImage result for hook and belle 6x02 gifs

In the last four seasons, viewers watched as the fierce pirate changed his villainous ways to become a man he is proud of. Of course it wasn’t smooth sailing (pun intended). Like any other human, Hook has made his fair share of mistakes and he’s owned up to them. In fact, he still hasn’t forgiven himself for some of his past sins. Yet he knows that he is no longer a villain but a hero. Being strong is admitting that you have done wrong, and Hook has proven that he did unspeakable things. The man was a pirate for hundreds of years. He stole, murdered and broke a family apart. Nonetheless, he’s redeemed himself and became an unlikely hero along the way.

He sacrificed himself to save the townImage result for hooks sacrifice gifs

When Emma turned Hook into the Dark One (the root of all evil), Hook turned his vengeance on Emma. Suffice to say, he wasn’t too happy at her for cursing him with dark magic. However, as he was about to banish Emma and her family to the bowels of Hell, he managed to shake himself from the evil. The only way to save the woman he loved and her family was to die himself. Instructing Emma to kill him, Hook made the ultimate sacrifice to save the town from dark magic. Hook knew that he wouldn’t get his happy ending, but he wanted to make sure Emma did. I would be lying if I said I didn’t sob a little bit during his sacrifice. Okay, fine. I sobbed a lot. It’s okay because he was resurrected by Zeus at the end of season. As I write this, I realize how odd this sounds for someone who may not watch the show…

He risked everything for loveImage result for you traded your ship for me gifs

Hook has made a lot of sacrifices for love. It’s been a huge part in his character development. Also, love is strength! True to Disney’s version, the Jolly Roger was Hook’s ship. It was the one thing that was constant in his life. It was his home. Though, on a quest to get Emma back home to Storybrooke after another curse broke, Hook gave up his home. He exchanged the Jolly Roger for a magic bean to save Emma. (I am quickly realizing how complicated this show is to explain…) The Jolly Roger was his life, but he gave it up for Emma. It’s good that Emma gave into her attraction when she found out. Otherwise he would be without his home and the girl. That would have made a sad story.

He’s the sassiest pirate everImage result for funny captain hook gifs

As I have mentioned in previous posts, I am a fan of the sass. Hook is literally the king of sass and quick banter. I am almost envious as how witty he is. I aspire to be like that. He always says a quip in the middle of a serious situation which helps take the edge off. Sometimes this show is quite dramatic and his comedic relief is exactly what I need. Also he says it in a British accent which is nice. I’m a fan.

He’s supportive and loyalImage result for emma and hook be patient gifs

One thing I admire most about the character development of Hook is his unwavering support and loyalty to friends and Emma. Even when he was a villain, under the fierce, pirate exterior, there was a side of him that was always loyal. When Emma and him began their relationship, he made sure to support her even through her worse. During the Neverland arc, Hook saved Charming from death even though Charming hated his guts. Hook is loyal and supportive to a fault. He chooses to believe in others when they don’t believe in themselves.

Bonus reason: He’s extremely patientImage result for emma and hook be patient gifs

It’s a rare quality that a man is patient. Hook doesn’t push Emma. He respects her space and time that she needed to express her feelings for him. In the beginning of season 5, Hook suggested that Emma and him live together, but he didn’t pressure her into it. He wanted her to take her time with the decision. In this past Sunday’s episode, Emma finally asked him to move in with her. For the past seasons, he’s been living on his ship because he wanted her to take the relationship at her own pace. His chivalry must be due to the fact that he’s a few hundred years old.

I could go on about why Hook is a strong and well developed character, but I would be sitting her all day. Probably using it as an excuse to stare at more gifs of him. While he did start the show as a villain, his character is constantly changing to become better. Becoming a better person is a long process, but it’s always worth it in the end. Also, he wears eyeliner quite well!




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