Not Exactly a Princess: Emma Swan

Emma Swan may be the daughter to Snow White and Prince Charming, but she isn’t the typical princess one might think she is. In fact, Emma is the Savior (the person who is supposed to bring back the happy endings). Emma Swan is my favorite fictional character who not only kicks butt, but is independent, witty, determined and caring.

And here’s why Emma Swan is one of the best fictional characters:

She’s a feminist: As she states below, women can be just as authoritative as men. Emma proves that a woman can be in a man’s position and still be able to do the job just as well. In fact, Emma was a former bail bonds woman and has no problems with handling the law and making a few enemies in the process. Currently in the show, she serves as the sheriff of Storybrooke, Maine.Image result for emma swan you dont need to dress a woman like a man to have powerShe’s independent and doesn’t rely on men to save her:  Emma doesn’t need a man to save her. She does that quite well on her own. So while she did deprive Hook of a “dashing rescue”, she managed to break free from the jail cell she was about to be executed in. As she states, “the only one who saves me is me”. Now that it was I call girl power!Image result for nobody saves me but me emma swan

She is willing to do whatever it takes to save the people she loves: After Hook had Emma kill him (long story), she decided that she was going to do whatever it takes to get the man she loves back. That meant going to the Underworld to save him. She knew it would be dangerous and a risk, but she was willing to do it for the man she loves. To love without barriers is such a powerful thing and Emma Swan demonstrates just that. In that moment, she was vulnerable. And being vulnerable does not make a woman weak; it makes them even stronger.  Fortunately, the mission was, indeed, accomplished!Image result for emma swan saves hook from dying

She’s sarcastic in the best way possible: There’s nothing better then channeling your inner diva. Emma always uses sarcasm as a defense which I think is just wonderful because I speak fluent sarcasm myself. With a tilt of her head, Emma knows the art of delivering sass.marty

She’s strong and can hold her own in a fight: When it comes to fighting, Emma fairs quite fine on her own. In a quest to return home, she manages to knock out Hook in a sword fight by using her strength. Captain Hook is not a stranger to sword fighting, but Emma managed to best him. I respected the creators choice to have a woman who is able to hold her own against a man who is stronger than her. Not that it mattered since Hook ended up unconscious after a nice punch in the face. Eventually, their quarrel was resolved and now they are, ironically, in a relationship. Moral of the story: don’t mess with Emma Swan.kick

She chooses to see the best in everyone even those with dark pasts: I admire the fact that Emma doesn’t dwell on other’s dark pasts. She chooses to overlook them because she’s familiar with having a dark past. Hook was a murderer, a thief and a pirate, but her love ultimately has her see the best in him. After all, everyone deserves a second chance, and Emma is a firm advocator of that. It doesn’t matter what happened in the past; Emma prefers to leave the past in the

She speaks the truest of truths: One of my favorite things about Emma is that she is honest. Almost to the point where you forget she’s fictional. Many lines of hers have literally snapped me out of the la-la-land I often find myself in. Like she says, the only one in control of your fate is yourself. I understand she’s a fictional character, but she’s an empowering voice for young women.emma-once-upon-a-time-33820775-500-262She’s brave: In season 5, Emma was cursed with dark magic. Instead of cowering down to the fear that comes with dark magic, she chose to fight it. In the show, escaping dark magic is one of the bravest acts there is. With her resilience, she fought the curse. She knew she didn’t need the darkness to be brave. She’s brave on her own.darkness

Emma Swan is a flawed character, but is one of the strongest fictional characters on TV. As actress Jennifer Morrison states, “I think one of the bravest things you can do in life is love without barriers, and love without a filter and love without conditions. I think you have to be incredibly strong to do that.” In a world of TV shows centered around teenage drama and meaningless relationships, it’s refreshing to see a female character who is brave and flawed and who loves wholeheartedly.

Source: Zap2it




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